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This document is a product of the initial joint work of several Communication Service Providers (CSPs) who are active in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)’s Cloud Native Network Function Working Group (CNF WG), NGMN Alliance, and projects like Linux Foundation (LF) Europe’s Sylva and Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) Anuket project. It is a draft that has been published to invite feedback from other CSPs and motivate discussion and improvements from the broader telecommunication industry. We hope that through public discourse we can make the document more complete, relevant, and ready for final release. If you would like to contribute to the discussion and document, please feel free to open an issue or create a pull request.


The recently published Cloud Native Manifesto from Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance does an excellent job outlining the vision and target picture for cloud native telecommunication networks. The transformation towards a cloud native production model has already commenced in many Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Practical challenges and pain points on this journey, which hinder progress towards the target expressed in the NGMN Cloud Native Manifesto, have been identified and are being felt. These hindering aspects are especially prominent in the CSPs which are already taking practical transformation steps and are trying to follow the vision described closely.

We, the group of CSPs gathered around Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)’s Cloud Native Network Function Working Group (CNF WG), live on the frontlines of this transformation and have gathered valuable experience. We firmly believe that to attain the envisioned outcome, the entire industry needs to work together to align around key strategic and operational principles. Besides building a sound understanding of what it would take for the transformation of CNFs to become cloud native, it’s also important to emphasize the ecosystem that would support that evolution.

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